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Securing the clouds 🌥️

At Not Bad Security we focus on the Microsoft security ecosystems and related technologies to help customers secure & defend their Microsoft 365, Azure, device management, and hybrid environments.

Through our holistic understanding of the security landscape and Zero Trust architectures, we offer our expertise through carefully designed workshops and flexible services. At our core we are skilled with products such as Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Sentinel. We design, implement and advise.

In addition we are happy to work on an hourly basis for custom engagements.


Our workshops are no-nonsense and pragmatic, focusing on Microsoft security services and capabilities, including Zero Trust architectures and the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework & Well-architected Framework. See all workshops here.

Microsoft Defender Services + Microsoft Sentinel: Planning & Deployment Design Workshop

Microsoft with its extensive security offering is the new standard to secure IT environments and end-user computing. Often for customers, the new set of solutions can be confusing, and the number of tools, portals, and integrations between solutions is overwhelming. What features and services to take into use and in which order, with the licenses we have? This workshop helps to understand the security stack as a unified solution and helps to create an understanding of how to solve real-world
problems during the deployment and be successful with the products in a long term.

Microsoft Defender Services + Microsoft Sentinel: Advanced Workshop

We quite often see that companies have bought extensive amounts of different types of solutions to secure their environments and end-user computing platforms. Unfortunately, often these solutions or licenses are not fully utilized or there is a need for improvement in many areas to get everything out from the investment and to ensure the environments are secured. After this workshop, attendees are able to understand what they should focus on next, and they are able to point out if anything important is missing from the environment. Additionally, attendees gets high-level roadmap for next activities to perform..

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Zero Trust in Azure and Microsoft 365 Workshop

Zero Trust has been running in terminology for many years now, still many customers are unsure what it is and what they should do towards moving to Zero Trust security model. Security trust requires lots of change in terms of security products and how these are utilized. In this workshop Not Bad Security specialists guide your company through Zero Trust and related technologies to help you to get real-world experience from these solutions.

Microsoft Security Reference Architecture in a Day Workshop

This is a comprehensive and theory meets practice-oriented workshop. Microsoft security offering can be overwhelming from time to time. The number of products, services and offerings for different parts of cyber defence can be overwhelming. Some services even have multiple purposes and the security platform is combined from multiple pieces. In this workshop we go through the comprehensive Microsoft Cyber Security Reference architecture piece by piece to create a holistic understanding of the kind of possibilities there is in Microsoft security solutions.

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Microsoft Cloud Security: Security Product Pilot Workshop

This is a hands-on workshop, focusing heavily on designated areas with the customer. The aim is to achieve practical results within a specified Microsoft security technology area.

This workshop can include, as an example any of the following, or combination of multiple topics:

  • Any Microsoft Defender solution (and really, all of them. from Defender for Cloud to Defender Antivirus)
  • Microsoft Sentinel
  • Azure Arc
  • Azure Policy
  • Passwordless
  • Conditional access
  • From hybrid identities to Azure AD-based identities

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Our services combine the best of both worlds - our expertise at your disposal, without a hefty price tag! No strings attached, and no clear text passwords 👌

Security Architect as a Service

What if you could have someone knowledgeable take a look at your design, architecture proposal or planned deployment? Our Security Architect as a Service does just that! We’re on standby to assist, comment, digest, and review your security changes to ensure your environments stay secure! Once done, we’ll let you carry on with your tasks and don’t try to upsell you anything.

TBA — this service launching soon!

// More details in the coming weeks!

Custom work & projects

Besides our workshops and services, we're also available for custom work and projects. We are happy to work on an hourly or daily basis on any Microsoft security-related needs you might have. Don't hesitate to contact us for more info!

Insights & articles

Summer is shining here in Finland, and the vacation period is ongoing. I’m glad folks at Microsoft are still working, though. One of the achievements from Microsoft during this summer is that they got the long waited SC-100 certification out of the beta phase. This expert-level security certification builds on the previous Microsoft security certifications. […]