The results are in for the Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect (SC-100) exam!

Summer is shining here in Finland, and the vacation period is ongoing. I’m glad folks at Microsoft are still working, though. One of the achievements from Microsoft during this summer is that they got the long waited SC-100 certification out of the beta phase. This expert-level security certification builds on the previous Microsoft security certifications. A few days ago, I noticed that some friends on LinkedIn started posting that they have been doing the production version of SC-100 and got their results already (unfair!). That meant to me that the results for beta exams would hit soon as well. Today, the 9th of July, Microsoft released the results from the SC-100 certification, and gladly, Jussi & I both got a passing score.

The key to preparing for the exam was reviewing and understanding all the previous security exams that Microsoft currently has. Overall, the exam felt like an architect-level look at all aspects of cybersecurity in an enterprise environment. None of the topics went super deep, but the vast amount of content and services to cover makes passing a bit more challenging.

Today I have been wondering if there could have been better ways to prepare for the exam, and I gathered some resources to help you if you are taking the exam yourself.

I hope these help you with your preparation for the certification!


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Insights on preparing for the Microsoft Certified: Cybersecurity Architect Expert (SC-100) certification

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